where or when

"It seems we stood and talked like this before
We looked at each other in the same way then
But I can't remember where or when. . ."


Name: elizs
Home: Austin, Texas, United States

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
change your bookmarks!

As of today, I'm going to be mainly posting at my new blog: all about E. Yay!

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me and my red hoodie

Central Presbyterian Church has pictures up from Easter Sunday. If you want to see me chilled in my red hoodie at the sunrise service, I'm on the right in the second pic of the Flash presentation. The sky was beginning to lighten up at the moment. Don't ask me what I was doing at the moment, because it is really a rather cold blur.

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Friday, April 29, 2005
I gave in.

I was tired of this design and frustrated with Blogger, so I gave in and bought a domain and set up wordpress. I'm still playing with it, and when I have it where I feel confident enough to plug it, you'll read it here!

I want to thank Oso here for having such a gorgeous blog. I was so fascinated with his blog that I had been seriously considering setting wordpress up ever since his redesign. So thanks, oso!

For my regular readers, whomever you may be, I'd like to thank you for keeping up with me. I'm not giving up on blogging, just on blogg-er.

Oh, and thanks to Charlie for helping me come up with my domain name.

These were my ideas (not chosen):
whereorwhen.net - obvious
animadvert.net - cool word
perpend.net - cool word
viennarain.net - poem I wrote in college
candentbeam.net - cool word

Hopefully I can play with it enough this weekend to make it open to the public! I'll keep you posted.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Alison Krauss and Union Station coming to Austin

Hmm. I love this group, but I HATE the Backyard, where they will be playing in June. I just know they would be a great concert, but I can't stand the setup of the Backyard. The last concert I attended there was Lyle Lovett. The crowd talked drunkily over the opening act, Keb Mo (who we love), so we couldn't hear him. Some tall man with a cowboy hat was seated directly in front of us, so we couldn't see. People were smoking all around us, and the air was so still. I felt cheated out of my money and haven't seen a concert there since.

Will it be better for Alison Krauss and Union Station? I just don't know. Plus, if we go to the Kerrville Folk Festival, it would be financially better for me not to go to another concert for a while.

Also, I see on the BY's website that Los Lonely Boys is playing next week with opening acts Calexico and Ozomatli. Man!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Marie Antoinette and Howard Hawks

I am reading Marie Antoinette: the Journey (see the link on the left). I have been reading it for what seems like an eternity, but what is probably only a week and a half. I am only half-way through. I am determined to finish this book! Not only is it good biography, but I have spent so much time on it already, I might as well finish it. There is a reason I don't read much non-fiction - I can't skim through this book, because I am already getting enough names mixed up. All the Countesses and Princesses. . . the only ones I can tell are obvious relatives are her sisters and mother, because "Marie" was a family name.

What have we learned, Charlie Brown:

- King Louis XVI was not a very sexual man. He had no mistresses (well, not yet anyway, I'm only half-way through the book) and was not physically close to his wife for the first few years of their marriage.

- Marie Antoinette's favorite composer was Gluck (not a familiar name to many outside of music studies). She missed a chance to patronize Mozart, as she was pregnant with her first child.

- She was not a very literate person, was near-sighted and was not able to concentrate very hard on things.

- She had issues with bossy older women like her mother, oldest sister, and others.

See! I can always make do with more random trivia!

Not so much related, except for the mention of trivia - I finally watched my Bringing Up Baby DVD this weekend. Included in the set is a documentary on Howard Hawks. I didn't realize the variety of movies the man directed! He told a funny story about Faulkner and Clark Gable, which you may already know.

He and William Faulkner were planning on going on a hunting trip and Gable asked if he could tag along. While on the trip, a discussion on great literature was started. Gable asked who the great writers were. Faulkner answered, Ernest Hemingway, Willa Cather, a couple other writers from the canon, and himself. Gable said, "Oh, you're a writer?" and Faulkner replied, "Yes. And what is it you do?"

Too funny.

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more chick-lit anger

Sweet. It fascinates me how chick-lit as a term creates a dichotomy between female writers. I just found this angry response to the publishing of a book titled This Is Not Chick Lit, "a collection of original stories by America's best women writers". Here you go: Beatrice.com: Guest Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Jennifer Weiner has a response to it, also. This one is funnier, though.

Oh, and I'm 27 today. *whoo-hoo*

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